Meet James Beddome

James early years were spent on the family farm in the Little Saskatchewan River Valley near the town of Rapid City, Manitoba. It was his years in this pastoral rural setting that he developed a strong appreciation for nature and the environment.

James’ was just six years old when he received media acclaim together with an Appreciation Award from the Salvation Army after organizing a craft sale that helped raise money for those in need. This early commitment to social justice and poverty reduction has stayed with him throughout his life. 

James moved to Winnipeg in 2001 to pursue a university education and graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in political studies and economics in 2006. It was shortly after this time that he became actively involved with the Green Party, as he saw the Greens as the only political party which offered a sincere commitment to protection of the environment together with an honest and sincere plan for dealing with economic inequality. 

James was elected to the leadership of the Green Party of Manitoba in 2008, and he continues in that position to this day. From 2008-2013, James balanced his leadership duties with his studies in the faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba and as an environmental research consultant in Winnipeg. In May of 2014, James was called to the Bar of Manitoba and in October of 2017 he and Seneca Longclaws founded Beddome and Longclaws Law Corporation.

James’ legal practice focuses on serving First Nation Governments, tribal organizations, and individuals with legal matters pertaining to indigenous law, environmental law, and civil litigation. James has handled matters before the Clean Environment Commission, the National Energy Board, the Independent Assessment Process established as part of the Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, the Manitoba Queen’s Bench, The Federal Court of Canada, and the Federal Court of Appeal.

In addition to his duties as a lawyer and Green Party leader, in his private life James spends time with family, his cat  Harry, and indulging in his passion for gardening.

James Beddome
James Beddome