"It's time to elect Greens in Canada. Tomorrow starts on Oct. 21. "

James Beddome

Green Party of Canada Candidate for Winnipeg South Centre MP

(204) 995-2637 (99-JAMES)

Tomorrow starts on Oct. 21.


As the federal campaign swings into full gear following the Manitoba election, there is no slow-down when it comes to the work ethic of dedicated Green Party volunteers despite the unrelenting demands of back-to-back elections. 

I am proud to join them at the doors of homes in Winnipeg South Centre, at media events and at local debates to speak to electors in what I think is the most important election of our times. Important because we live in times where greenhouse gas emissions can usher in a future that is marked by unprecedented challenges, to express it in the kindest of terms. 

Conscientious scientists around the world have told us time and time again that we must address the global climate crisis, and address it now. However, it is not my mission to frighten you but to encourage you to vote for the Green Party, myself James Beddome, in Winnipeg South Centre, in order to approach the future with confidence.

Our longtime-in-the-making signature climate crisis plan is called Mission: Possible, and you can access it on www.greenparty.ca. What you will find is the Green Party’s goal of reducing emissions by 60 per cent (from 2005 levels) by 2030, a necessary and well-defined target that betters the targets of every other political party by considerable measure and a plan to meet that goal.

However, we are grounded people, not ivory tower idealists. We are aware that climate changes impact on nearly every segment of society – both personal and business. So, as we ask for your vote for the Green Party and for all of our children, our climate and social justice 2019 platform provides a focused and realistic way forward for today’s hard-working families and workers. 

As families, workers, company bosses and unions grapple with the need to transition to a low-emissions future, an economy that is marked by the increasing use of robotics and one that is all too sensitive to unpredictable and sometimes-turbulent global forces, our platform is founded on how we can help good decent Canadians live dignified lives at all economic levels. This includes those who fall below the poverty threshold.     

Our policies provide for a Guaranteed Livable Income, the end of tuition for students, long-overdue pharmacare, basic dental care for lower income Canadians, an inclusive society, a kinder sustainable vision for animals and many additional policies in our detailed 80-pages-plus Green Party 2019 Platform. It is a document that is well worth your time – and your vote. 

While polls indicate that the Liberal and Conservative Party are leading choices among voters, what we can say to supporters is that your vote will never be wasted. 

We lack the financial resources of some of the long-time political parties, we lack the number of seats to form federal government at this time, but we are strong in caring for Canadians coast to coast, rich in the many new Greens we are attracting, richer in dollar terms with the higher level of donations we are attracting, growing in strength and influence across the country. 

As Greens, we have influenced policies and practices for the better over the last years as we grew. Now you have the opportunity on Oct. 21 to vote for the most exciting political party on the Canadian landscape and go forward together with us. Not left, not right, but forward to a safer healthier tomorrow. 

Tomorrow starts on Oct. 21. 

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